Driver`s Licence

Changing your current Driver’s License or obtaining the new one? We can help you with both!

Driver`s Licence

Do you have a long-term residence in the Czech Republic and need to change your driver’s license from your country of origin? We can help you with the process! Firstly, we need to confirm whether your driver’s license can be changed to the Czech one or not. If the answer is yes, the process will take two appointments at the Driver’s Register Office. Though obtaining Driver’s License can be a confusing process for people who don’t speak Czech. Therefore, we offer you a consultancy regarding your Driver’s License, and assistance during the meetings at the Driver’s Register Office, so you don’t have to worry about missing something!

Obtaining a new Driver’s License can also be a difficult process due to the proof of a long-term residence at the Driver’s Register Office. Together with your long-term residence card, you will have to provide the accompanying documents. Our team can help you to collect and/or check all the documents needed, find a driving school upon your preferences in case you are only at the begging of your journey, accompany you to the Driver’s Register Office.

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Driver`s licence

We offer an assistance to arrrange a Czech Driver‘s License as Licenses from other countries are in many cases not accepted. The complete agenda belongs to a Ministry of Transport and the Register of Drivers. We are happy to guide our clients through the application process, accompany them to appointments or arrange driving lessons if needed.

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