Starting from 2.8.2021, all foreigners entering the Czech Republic and staying in its territory for more than 90 days must take out commercial comprehensive health insurance exclusively with insurance company Pojišťovna VZP, a.s.

We still encounter questions about whether foreigners can also arrange an insurance contract with another insurance company. The answer is yes, but this insurance CAN NOT be used for a long-term visa or stay.

The obligation to have commercial health insurance does not apply to foreign nationals covered by the Czech public health insurance system, or whose health care is covered under an international agreement, or who hold a valid EHIC and GHIC health insurance card. Also, this obligation does not apply to EU citizens and their close family members.

A foreigner employed in a Czech company or a foreigner with a permanent residence in the Czech Republic participates in public health insurance as well as a Czech citizen, so he does not need any commercial insurance.

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Driver`s licence

We offer an assistance to arrrange a Czech Driver‘s License as Licenses from other countries are in many cases not accepted. The complete agenda belongs to a Ministry of Transport and the Register of Drivers. We are happy to guide our clients through the application process, accompany them to appointments or arrange driving lessons if needed.

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