Information for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

On behalf of the whole Expat Support team, we would like to support all citizens of Ukraine!


At present, the situation is constantly changing and we are waiting for the next statement of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, for now:

👉🏼 Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kyiv and The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Lviv are closed

👉🏼 all visa submissions are suspended until further notice (including Government Programmes of Economic Migration)

👉🏼 citizens of Ukraine who have a biometric passport can come to the Czech Republic without a visa


Please inform your employees and acquaintances from Ukraine


Citizens of Ukraine who ARE already in the Czech Republic OR ARE ARRIVING at the Czech Republic on a biometric passport without a visa

OR who ARE STAYING in the Czech Republic on a short-term visa, which soon expires (in 14 days or less)

THEY CAN APPLY to the MOI department for a SPECIAL TYPE OF VISA, which is issued for about 4 months.


They must only have:

👉🏼 passport

👉🏼 photo of passport format

👉🏼 fee stamps of CZK 300 (can be bought in any post office)


If a Ukrainian citizen has already submitted his application for a long-term residence at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kyiv or the Consulate General in Ukraine, it is possible to enter the Czech Republic with a biometric passport and later, after the approval of the application, obtain the permit at the Department of the MOI in the Czech Republic.


More information in Czech can be found on this website 


You can contact us in case you need any help with your situation.


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Your Expat Support team 🤍

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