Opening hours of Czech shops during public holidays 

The Czech Republic has a total of seven public holidays, seven other holidays and fifteen important days. At the end of the year, their frequency increases. The opening hours of shops are also linked to this. This can confuse some expats, so it’s good to have information to plan your shopping and not be surprised by some shops closing their doors.


Let’s start with an overview of all the bank holidays. These are the ones that have changes in opening hours that may catch you by surprise: 


Public holidays: 

1 January – Day of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State 

8 May – Victory Day 

5 July – Day of the Slavic saints Cyril and Methodius 

6 July – Day of the Burning of Jan Hus (1415)

28 September – Czech Statehood Day 

28 October – Day of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state

17 November – Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy and International Student Day


Other holidays: 

1 January – New Year

between 20 March and 23 April – Good Friday

between 23 March and 26 April – Easter Monday

1 May – Labour Day

24 December – Christmas Eve

25 December – 1st Christmas Day

26 December – 2nd Christmas Day


What does the law say about opening hours? 

In 2016, the legislation changed. It has now become law that shops that have 200 square metres of selling space must remain closed during specified holidays. This is therefore a key parameter by which you can tell if a shop will be open or remain closed.


Opening hours of shops on public holidays: 

1 January 2022 – New Year – closed

18 April 2022 – Easter Monday – closed

8 May 2022 – Victory Day – closed

28 Sep 2022 – Czech Statehood Day – closed

28 Oct 2022 – Day of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia – closed

24 Dec 2022 – Christmas Eve – closed from 12:00

25 Dec 2022 – 1st Christmas Day – closed

26 December 2022 – 2nd Christmas Day – closed


The fact is, however, that even these opening hours may change, for example in connection with a pandemic situation. But for now, the shops shouldn’t surprise you. 

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