Successful expats living in the Czech Republic. Who are they? 

The Czech Republic is a country that offers many opportunities in terms of expat employment. Many expats have made a name for themselves not only in high-level management positions, but also in the arts and culture scene. Some have become influencers and publish very interesting content on social media. Let’s discover together the stories of those who have immigrated to the Czech Republic and at the same time have had very successful careers.


William Fichtner 


Remember the series Prison Break? This likable American actor played an important leading role in it. He has spent the vast majority of his career in supporting roles, and perhaps that is why his face gives the impression of “the one I know from somewhere”. You’re not far from the truth. William has had hundreds of roles of varying sizes on television and film. And since films are often shot in Prague, he has spent some time in the Czech capital as well. And he fell in love with it so much that he bought a house here with his family and spends about half the year here. 


Tonya Graves


The singer with the unmistakable voice has lived in the Czech Republic since the 1990s. She was born in Nashville. After spending some time teaching in Prague, she joined Monkey Business, one of the most famous Czech rock bands. However, she now has her own projects, which are more oriented towards jazz music. She can be found at various festivals and events across the Czech Republic and her voice remains as unmistakable as ever. 


Chris Sadler 


His name is familiar to anyone who has spent or spends time in dance clubs. Originally from Nottingham, England, Chris has been building a successful career as a DJ in the Czech Republic for the last twenty plus years. This Czech-English DJ really doesn’t get bored, when he’s not on lockdown you’ll hear his sets at over 100 events a year. He is also the resident DJ of Roxy, the longest running club in Prague. 


Timur Kireev 


His name might not mean much to you. But if you are an expat who wants to know the life of other foreigners in the Czech Republic, be sure to follow his Instagram profile Deník cizince. It is currently followed by over ten thousand people and the 25-year-old young man originally from Russia shares his everyday life in the country he considers his home. He says he has wanted to move away from Russia since he was 13 years old and when the opportunity to study in the Czech Republic came up, he settled here.  

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