The best cities to live in the Czech Republic

It can often seem that the Czech Republic is attractive to foreigners only because of Prague. After all: it is the largest city, the capital and a large number of companies are concentrated here. However, there are many cities in the Czech Republic that surprise you with their quality of life. What are they? 

Every year, we have a project called Municipality of the Year, which maps individual municipalities in our country and gives them points. The points determine how the places have done in terms of health and environment, material security and education, or relationships and services. The result can then give up to a maximum of 10 points to each town. If you’re thinking about where you and your family might want to settle, this is the ranking for you: 




Ricany is a small town just outside of Prague. It’s an ideal base for digital nomads who need to travel to the capital from time to time. Families with children will also feel comfortable here, as there are complete civil facilities. Říčany scored great index scores in all measurable areas and the accessibility to Prague, which can be reached safely in half an hour. It’s a great advantage. 




It is probably not surprising that the capital of the Czech Republic also scored highly. Prague regularly features in both domestic and global city popularity rankings. You can like Prague for several reasons. Whether it’s the historic centre, the well-functioning public transport or the many job opportunities. 


Brandýs nad Labem


Brandýs is another town that lies within easy reach of Prague. In less than half an hour by car you can reach the borders of this town, which also stands out for its history. It is believed that Prince Wenceslas, one of the first rulers of the Czech lands, was murdered here. It received lower ratings in the area of services or, for example, the capacity of primary and kindergarten schools. At the same time, however, it is a town with a relatively fast growing population, which means that younger people are moving here to start a family.




Just below the podium was Brno, the Moravian capital and the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Brno received plus points mainly for public transport, both urban and rail. Job opportunities are also good here, as the many expats working in technology companies will attest. The proximity to Vienna or Bratislava is also very pleasing. Brno fared worse, especially in terms of housing availability.

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