The biggest myths about the Czech Republic

Czechs themselves are often very strict with themselves. However, many of the specifics that Czechs consider to be completely unique to their nation are often seen in other countries. Let’s take a look at the myths that both Czechs and foreigners may think about the Czech Republic. 


Socks in sandals 


Many Czechs think this is a “passion” that other nations are forgiving of in their wardrobe. But it is not true. Wearing socks in sandals is certainly comfortable. Perhaps that’s why this fashion phenomenon can be seen not only in the Czech Republic, but also on the feet of David Beckham or Justin Bieber. While it is possible that both men were inspired by their visit to the Czech Republic, we don’t give it much probability. 


Czechs drink the most alcohol in the world 


The huge concentration of restaurants and pubs in Prague and other cities certainly suggests that Czechs like to get together over a drink. And it also puts the Czech Republic at the top of the list for alcohol consumption per person. Belarusians consume the most, followed by Lithuanians and Czechs in third place. If we look at alcoholism as an addiction, however, the Czechs do not feature in any world rankings. 


A nation of mushroom pickers


Another popular claim is that Czechs spend a lot of time on mushrooms. Again, this is true, but it is not only true of the Czechs. Similarly, Poles and Slovenes go mushroom picking in the forest. The truth is that Czechs are definitely the most passionate about this hobby. 


Czechs don’t like foreigners 


From the statements of some, it can certainly seem so. But the truth is that Czechs are very hospitable and welcome foreigners. And not only in the biggest cities, but also in the regions. Not only tourists, but also expats and exchange students come to the Czech Republic every year. Moreover, according to a recent survey, Americans or even Germans are the biggest rejecters of foreign cultures. 




If you go to any markets in Prague or other cities, you can bet there will be at least one stall selling trdelnik. The number of them increases dramatically as the Christmas holidays approach. But is this popular dessert really Czech? It isn’t. It originally comes from Slovakia. 


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